The biggest python snake in captivity, Raptisland in Crete Greece

The island Crete in Greece offers a vast selection of attractions to the tourists who visit the island. Great landscapes, good beaches, kind people and very good food are among the best to mention, not to forget the very good weather this island offers to its visitors.

We were staying in a villa in a small village located very close to Platanias, a very popular touristic place (Platanias, not our village). One day, we decided to visit Heraklion and spotted a hidden small place which was the house of beautiful reptiles. The place is called Reptisland and is located about 50 kilometers west of Heraklion. 

Here are some image expressions from our short visit to this reptile house. At the end, there is a link to a Youtube video shown all the reptiles inside the house and a short description by the owner to each one of them.

A small beautiful house full of reptiles on Crete.
A view of inside of the Reptisland
Keanu holding a small snake in his hands. Melody is thrilled.
I am a bit terrified with a small dragon on my shoulder
The owner told me that this is the biggest python snake in captivity in whole Greece. It is 7 meters long and weighs more than 100 kg! They feed this thing 3 big dead rabbits every 20 days, each rabbit weighs 5kg.
Keanu changes to even bigger snake... Fearless boy. Melody is watching a small turtle in water.
A big spider
Another scary spider
There were many turtles in the house, but this one was the most beautiful, by far!
Same turtle, from another view
The guy working in the house (maybe owner) is showing a small dragon to my little kids, Keanu and Melody... At the background you see the big 7 meters python in glass cage.
Keanu watching at a "baby" python, only 5 meters long!

This huge and beautiful valley is located very close to the reptile house Reptisland, and it has a Cafe where you can have a beer or a cup of coffee and something small to eat.

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