New sonar still deters sperm whales feeding

New sonar technology is as disruptive to sperm whales as existing sonar technology, according to new research led by the University of St Andrews. — Source of this (above) article:

A Farewell to Orion

Orion and Taurus linger in evening twilight. Photo by Gary Seronik This week, take a moment to say goodbye to Orion, the winter sky’s most iconic constellation. In a month’s time, when the Moon...

How filamentous fungi sense food

A team led by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley used a multi-omics approach to reconstruct and model gene regulatory pathways used by the filamentous fungus Neurospora crassa, and to identify and decide...

Influencers important in coronavirus communication

How can you get people to follow to government recommendations and advice in times of COVID-19? Use the power of influencers, argues Assistant Professor Jonas Colliander. — Source of this (above) article: