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Spain: Living a Lockdown Life

Lockdown: This diary from a small town in Spain explains the COVID-19 causes, the last pandemic of Spanish flu, and how villagers cope during the lockdown. — Source of this (above) article:

Ethiopia: Find Lava Lakes and Lost Tribes

Ethiopia is a country that is deep in traditions, rich and religious significance, and filled with many great natural and man-made sights. — Source of this (above) article:

Cash: Think it Won’t Happen to You?

Cash can be a problem when you travel. Here is a story about how a vacation was ruined when a thief stole a handbag full of euros. Use other ways to pay! — Source...

Ways to make the most of Easter in isolation

This year, COVID-19 prevents us from gathering Sunday for church services or around the table for Easter brunch or dinner. And if the Easter Bunny hopped into our backyard to join the family Easter...

Hitchhiking Across Siberia’s Altai Republic

Hitchhiking and camping in the Altai Republic in southern Siberia, Russia. It’s a remarkable place, no cellphones, snow leopards, and dramatic mountain peaks. — Source of this (above) article: